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Figura is a spinout business from Loughborough University. Its academic founders have spent years developing the technology behind Figura. We have been using this technology to characterise nanomaterials, proteins, heavy metal ions, colloids, bacteria, and algae in a range of solutions from sea water, to blood and beverages.

Following our spinout in January 2021 we have been backed by SFC Capital, Innovate UK and Angel Investors to develop and launch our platform technology.

The Team


CEO, Figura Analytics

Nick joined the team in 2020 to enable the spinout, to build the commercial proposition and to lead company strategy going forwards. Nick has over 20 years commercial experience in multiple industries, and a passion for building businesses from the ground up.

Dr Mark Platt

Co-founder Figura Analytics

Mark led the development of Figura’s platform technology, exploring its uses within the characterisation of nanomaterials, biomarkers, pharmaceuticals and environmental pollutants. He now overseas the development pathway and implementation of Figura technology across all sectors.

Rhush Maugi

Co-founder, Figura Analytics

Rhush has multi-disciplinary experience in electrochemical analytis, microfluidics and bio-analytical techniques. Rhush drives our software development and machine learning platform as well as heading up day to day operations.